High Pressure Polyurethane Foam Machine Air Discharge Over 1.2 M³/Minute

Red color polyurethane spray machine in 380V or 220V for spray polyurethane





Max operation pressure (Mpa) 20Mpa
Max output flow 6-8kg/min
Power of heater 9kw
Length of standard heat-insulated material tube 30Meter
Standard raw material mix proportioning (A:B) 1:1
Operation air pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa
Power supply for equipment 380V/220V
Air supply for equipment (air compressor) 1Mpa
Air discharge ≥1.2M3/minute
Gross weight 250KG
Packing size 1000*900*1500mm




1. The equipment has obtained CE certification, safe and environmental protection.

2. Having the proprietary property rights in design and production, several national patents have been applied and approved.
3. The perfect coaxial structure design of the horizontal booster pump reduces greatly the abrasion of the sealing. There is no pressure difference during operation and the commuting pressure fluctuation value is ideal and stable.
4. The lubricant inside the anti-solidifying lubricating cylinder circulates with high speed so that the leaked material and impurities could be brought away rapidly. The shaft for black material is always kept in the lubricant avoiding the crystallization.
5. The delicate coupling structure is easy for the dismounting of the booster pump during the maintenance. When necessary, the complete unilateral raw material pump can be replaced to change the proportion of the raw material.
6. The pneumatic commuting control assembly is simple in structure and reliable in operation, and enables the pump body operating normally during the lack of electricity.
7. The design and application of the reset function when shut down realizes the dual protection.
8. The dual filters of the equipment for both high and low pressure and the filter of the nozzle realize the triple filtration protection for the raw material and reduce the blocking.
9. The special armoured temperature sensor inside the heater can collect the temperature signal at any time, hence the overshooting value for heating is well controlled.
Use area:
Building exterior wall, cold storage, automobile, chemical storage tank, workshop workshop, grain depot, farm shed and so on.




High Pressure Polyurethane Foam Machine Air Discharge Over 1.2 M³/Minute


Polyurethane Foam Machine

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